Monday, August 18, 2008

The Longest Journey Begins with a Single Step

Hello World !

OK, maybe not the most original thought, but it is a traditional one. And who am I to scoff at tradition?

The plan is to see if we can get this blog up and running with multiple people adding content, and allowing the general public to comment.

Right now I have no expectations whatsoever, so if anything comes out of this... anything at all... I will have surpassed my goals.


Matt said...

Nice job. I ended up setting up my own, trying to figure out how to post here.... d'oh!
Actually, the longest journey begins with a single thought.
Thought becomes deed.

Anonymous said...

ok - I'm here - VB

Anonymous said...

ok - let's kick it off :

1. Obama is a liberal tool who will spend huge bags of money on social programs for the poor, sick, children, yadda yadda - adnif he cant do this with a balanced budget amedment, expect 4 more years fo fiscal irreponsibity for our Congress
2.Mc Cain is a mostly conservative republican good 'ol' boy masquerading as a "centrist" adn promising "change" in Washington as to how we do business of government , but that's all smoke screen - it'll be same ol, same ol thang. plus he'll veto most everythign the Dem congress treis to push through. 4 years of Stangantion, at best.


Bucci said...

I don't see either candidate doing much good economically. Obama does sound like the type who thinks every problem can be solved by throwing more government at it. McCain doesn't exactly have a good record in the area of reducing taxes and government spending.

SciPunk said...

I think McCain is a centrist who is sucking up to the right wing. I'm not sure why he's still sucking up to the right, since he already one the primary and now should be running toward the center.

I also think McCain is known for his anti-spending stance. He promises to put an end to Earmarks. This is a central them to his campaign, whereas, Obama never speaks about cutting government spending.

Butts said...

Well james is pleased with Obama's pick of Biden. What do the rest of you who care about these things think?