Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Batman Movie

I always liked the Batman Beyond series where Batman is old and sends out young Terry McGuinness in the high tech batman suit. This new Batman has appeared in some of the other DC cartoons like Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (when they do time travel into the future).

Well Cartoon Network ran a movie length special, Batman Beyond: The Joker Returns. Fans of Batman Beyond won't be disappointed with this. It was totally evil with a surprising amount of death and destruction. But even cooler, they go into some back story. The series already expanded on the Batman mythos, but this one filled in some gaps. I wonder how consistent it is with the comic books.


Matt said...

Have you checked out the team up version of Batman? I saw one with Aquaman and The Atom, which was really funny.
Aquaman was basically a gung ho retard, spouting corny catch phrases and jumping into battle for any reason at all. It looks very well written and has a lot of adult appeal.

SciPunk said...

Just saw the ad for that. I'll definitely put it on my list.